'How To Dad' sticks up for breastfeeding parents in viral video

funny stuff 09/08/2018

Kiwi social media sensation 'How to DAD' has tackled the topic of breastfeeding in public, telling anyone who takes offence with it that "you're the issue".

Jordan Watson posted the video on Facebook on Sunday, in response to an article about a breastfeeding mother in the UK who reportedly squirted her milk at a woman who asked her to move out of sight of her "very easily distracted" husband.

In Watson's 'How to DAD' video, he proclaims "if you have an issue with a mum breastfeeding then move on - you're the issue".  

 "To all the blokes out there, if a mum breastfeeding and flashing a bit of side boob is getting you distracted, then maybe you should just stay inside. You creepos." 

"Its 2018 people, I have three daughters. I'm all for women's rights. I kind of have to be, otherwise they'd beat me up." 

Getting into his rant, Watson then proclaims that "any mum around the world should be able to chuck a boob in their baby's mouth whenever and wherever they want to". 

He soon revises his earlier statement. 

"On my crusade for women's right I probably shouldn't have said 'chuck a boob in a baby's mouth' but you get what I was saying. I was kind of on a roll there but basically I just want to say 'mums, keep doing what you're doing'." 

The video has already garnered over 970,000. In 2016 Watson received almost $85,000 in NZ On Air funding to go towards a five-episode web series based on his hugely popular character, called How to Dad: Legend of the Gumboot.