1 in 3 mums think they parent better than their partner says study

parenting 16/08/2018

A recent study from YouGov in the UK has found that around 1/3 of mums think they parent better thatn their partner.

The study looked at over 1000 families with children under the age of 18 and examined a range of different parenting styles.

Just over half of those surveyed said their partner was just as good as them, while over 1/3 of women thought their parenting was better than their partners and 1/3 of men agreed with them!

A parenting expert commented on the resuts of the study to The Independent.

"There is no inherent reason why one gender should be ‘better’ at parenting than another. In essence, we get good at what we practice." the expert said.

"Learning to tune into your child, read their signals and influence their behaviour is something we learn by trying something out, getting it wrong and reflecting on how different strategies work."

"If dads have less time with children, they have fewer opportunities to hone their parenting skills."

Despite what this study says, many parents are too hard on themselves - so give yourself a break from time to time!