Avocado and chocolate on toast is the latest weird food trend

omg 23/08/2018

Chocolate and avocado might be two of your favourite things, but how do they taste when they are together? 

The latest weird food trend that seems to be taking the internet by storm is avocado and Nutella spread on toast! We're not sure how to feel about that one...

But there are some fans of it out there, '2002' singer Anne-Marie admitted she's a big fan of the unusual combo.

"I just made avocado and chocolate spread on toast and before you say ew, please try it." the star tweeted.

People were quick to respond to the singer. While some weren't open to the idea, others saw where Anne-Marie was coming from.

"That’s probably so good! I eat Nutella with Salami and it’s amazing, but people who haven’t tried it wont understand." one person wrote.

"It’s like when u dip fries in milkshakes, sounds awful but tastes amazing." added another.

"Carrot and ketchup is good too, probably sounds disgusting but it’s sooooo good" someone else chipped in.

So while Anne-Marie may have started an odd trend with her Avocado and Nutella on toast, it seems there are a lot of people out their with weird food pleasures of their own.