Bizarre bubble wrap nail trend lets you pop on the go

omg 07/08/2018

There's no shortage of weird and wacky beauty trends on the internet, but this next one is truly outside of the box!

Popular Instagrammer 'Nail Sunny' has shared an instructional video for how to create 'bubble wrap nails'. Yup, that's right - the stuff you normally find in the bottom of a package is being turned into nail art!

For people who love the thrill of popping each and every bubble on a stream of bubble wrap, this might be the perfect look! The only downside would be when you run out of bubbles left to burst. Something also tells us that it might take a bit more than bubble wrap to stop your nails from getting damaged.

The look looks pretty easy to recreate yourself, so if you want to give it a go you can see the full video below.