Breastfeeding mum has hilarious reaction to being told to 'cover up'

funny stuff 08/08/2018

A photo of a breastfeeding mum literally 'covering up' has gone viral.

The woman was breastfeeding when a complete stranger asked her to stop doing it in public, her reaction was absolutely priceless. Instead of covering up the baby, she simply placed a cloth over the top of her own head!

The pic was then shared on Facebook where it went viral.

"A friend’s daughter-in-law was told to 'cover up' while feeding her baby, so she did! I’ve never met her, but I think she’s AWESOME!!!" the caption read.

People were quick to respond to pic online...

"You should be able to feed babies when they are hungry and not feel bad. It’s a natural thing to do." one person wrote.

The funny photo has been shared hundreds of thousands of times online.