Bride furious after groom blows wedding budget on his stag do

omg 17/08/2018

A bride has been left fuming after her groom spent a large portion of their wedding budget on a lavish stag weekend.

The debacle unfolded on the UK TV show 'Don't Tell The Bride'. In the TV show the grooms are charged with organising every detail of the big day.

"Anna's getting the wedding, I'm getting the stag do. I want to go to Vegas, and that's what it's going to be." the groom said.

"All I want is a little blow-out with the boys, and then she can have the wedding and everything else she wants."

But his 'little' night out with the boys turned into a weekend away in Vegas which ended up costing around $6000 NZD.

His wife to be was furious and couldn't believe he was spending that much on the trip when they had a wedding to pay for.

Once he was back from his blowout, he bought second hand wedding rings online (which he collected from a bus stop) and purchased some props to recreate the famous 'Little White Chapel' from Vegas. Of course no Vegas themed wedding would be complete without an Elvis impersonator acting as the celebrant.

Viewers of the TV show were appalled at the groom's decisions...

While we do feel for the bride who was clearly not impressed by how her dream day turned out - we can't help but think this whole thing would've been avoided if she didn't go on the show in the first place!

Source: Digital Spy