Cadbury Australia launch bizarre corn chip fusion block

omg 10/08/2018

Have you ever wished to try a combo of chips and chocolate?

Because we haven't. But apparently, Australia is keen on it.

Their local Cadbury has teamed up with Kettle Chips and CC's Original Corn Chips to create these limited edition combinations.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Kettle Sea Salt potato chips and Cadbury Dairy Milk CC’s Original corn chips flavours are said to go on sale next week, and it has caused a stir online.

One Facebook user said: 'There’s nothing better than chips with chocolate - this is genius.'

While others simply posted their disgust for the new flavour blend 'They have lost the plot,' one user said.

We thought it was a good photoshop job at first - but we remember that these Aussies have also created this bizarre product too...

All we can say is, keep this away from New Zealand!