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Airbnb offer a free night's stay at the Great Wall of China

omg 08/08/2018

If you've ever been interested in travelling to exotic locations or unusual spots, there's nothing quite as unusual as staying on the Great Wall of China.

Accommodation company Airbnb is offering a one-of-a-kind experience for four winners and their guests to stay at a custom-designed home situated along the ancient portion of the wall.

The company have offered unique stays in the past as part of their "Night At" giveaways, including sleeping in a shark aquarium and staying at the LEGO house.

But this stay at the Great Wall offers a full cultural experience upon the 2,600 year old structure.

After taking a short hike to the accommodation, guests get to enjoy a multi-course gourmet sunset dinner inspired by various elements of Chinese culture.

While dining, they'll also enjoy a traditional Chinese music concert as a "feast for all the senses".

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The next morning, the travellers will embark on a sunrise hike throughout the countryside and learn about the Great Wall from historians. Other activities also include learning Chinese seal-engraving and calligraphy.

But like all Airbnb accommodations, there are a few house rules to follow: "Respect the neighbours, all 1.38 billion of them. No loud music that might disturb the ancient wall guards," the listing says.

If you see any dragons, do not disturb them, but be sure to report it. On WeChat or Instagram.

If you're interested, you'll need to submit your interest by August 11, and "describe why it is more important now than ever to break down barriers between cultures" in 550 characters or less.