Dad's brutally honest CV for his daughter goes viral

funny stuff 23/08/2018

Getting a job as a teenager can sometimes be a challenging thing... Judging by this CV that Lauren Moore's dad wrote for her, she might not be getting a job anytime soon!

Lauren asked her dad for help writing a CV, but what he came back with probably gave her a bit of a shock, maybe even a reality check.

Under the relevant skills section, Lauren's dad wrote that she was lazy, late, ignorant, rude, and reluctant - not looking good so far. He added that she's a 'typical 16-year-old' and then went on to use a variety of swear words to describe her attitude.

When asked what personal qualities she'd bring to a job, he simply wrote that Lauren hates people.

You can read the full CV below, but be aware that it does contain some strong language...

Source: The Mirror