Ferrero Rocher are after chocolate tasters and will pay you to do it

we love 03/08/2018

For many people, chocolate is the number one guilty pleasure - so this job could be perfect for them!

Ferrero Rocher are on the hunt for 60 chocolate tasters to head over to Europe to taste test the ingredients in the chocolate treat to make sure the chocolate continues to be of a high standard.

The job is paid but will only give you 3 months worth of work. Although the job isn't fulltime, you will have to go to Europe for it, so it isn't all bad.

You don't need any previous experience or knowledge of chocolate making as they'll teach you that on the job, but what you will need is an empty stomach to eat a lot of chocolate.

So if you're getting a bit sick of your current 9 - 5 and want a change, you can apply online here.