Fighting with your siblings growing up makes you a better adult says study

omg 22/08/2018

If you have memories of fighting with your sibling as a child, then this might actually be some good news!

A series of studies conducted over the last 5 years have shown that fighting with your siblings as a kid may have taught you some valuable skills which you go on to put in to place as an adult. 

"The more the children upset each other, the more they learn about regulating their emotions and how they can affect the emotions of others - the more they point-score, the more it can motivate them to achieve." the researchers said.

While it sounds good so far, it is important to note that not all kinds of sibling fights are healthy...

"Of course, if sibling rivalry gets out of hand, it can be very negative. Persistent violence is a strong predictor that the aggressive child will bully their peers."

"I don't want to be the woman who says it's good if your children hate each other, but parents might take some sort of comfort, when their children are fighting, in the discovery that they are learning valuable social skills and intelligence which they will take outside the home and apply to other children."

"It may not feel like it, sibling rivalry can be constructive, preparing them for important relationships when they are older."

So next time you feel like putting your sibling in their place, it might pay to thank them for helping you become the person you are today!

Source: LadBible