Kiwi father horrified after getting insulting note on his car for using a disabled park

omg 22/08/2018

A Canterbury father is angry over a note was left on his windscreen questioning his right to use a disabled park.

The note was left on Paul Francis' car while he and his nine-year-old son Jack, who has cerebral palsy, swam at the Rangiora swimming pool on Sunday.

When they returned to the car his son found the note that read "You may have a mobility card, but today's use of it was not genuine."

Mr Francis posted on Facebook about the ordeal calling it a 'cowardly attack'.

"To the woman who left this [note] shame on you for a cowardly attack that my son found on the windscreen," the post reads. 

"All you did was make him sad and sap his confidence on an already demanding condition and all because you assumed you thought you were doing the right thing.

"All you have done is make [an] ass of yourself in the eyes of a nine-year-old boy who is disgusted you have belittled all the doctors appointments and surgery he has had."

Mr Francis listed all the mistakes the woman made when trying to challenge his family's right to own a disability badge.

1. You assumed the driver was not disabled

2. You assumed because there was no wheelchair this gave you the right to challenge.

3. Not all disability is obvious to the narrow minded eye.

4. Maybe you assumed I'd parked in this bay because I had three kids and missed the young mums bay.. perhaps I think not though.

Mr Francis parked there so his son didn't have to walk far because he gets tired after physical activities, like swimming.

"Please educate everyone that the driver is not always the disabled one or even have to have a wheelchair to be entitled to use these spots. They are for everyone that has a badge."