Kiwi woman shares her romantic KFC inspired proposal story

we love 08/08/2018

A Kiwi Instagrammer has shared the moment her boyfriend proposed on picturesque Queenstown lakeside - with a bucket of KFC wicked wings.

Ellie Haines has gathered a large following with her hilarious Instagram Loving Ellie's Belly, in which she shares posts around body positivity and documents life with her partner, Brett Fitzgerald.

Haines has shared much of their love story with her followers over the past year. 

Fitzgerald told Haines he was going to Invercargill to drop off a car to a client. Instead, he was really meeting her mother to pick out a ring, a move that proved risky when one of Haines' followers saw them together, and messaged her. 

"I was like 'what, that's not my mum silly that's a client'," Haines recalls now. "But it was my mum! She and Brett were crapping themselves."

On the day itself, Haines said it seemed like any other.

"He just asked if I wanted to go on a picnic and pick up some KFC on the way. I said 'heck yes'," Haines says. "I love KFC.  And then he told me to look nice. At the time I was like, 'what a cheeky bugger, I look mint all the time'."

She says when they pulled up Ed Sheeran music was "cranking" from someone's car and Fitzgerald was particular about which rock she had to sit on.

"Just as I sat down he handed me a card and told me to read it," she says. "I didn't even get to start eating my KFC."

The card read 'how about this wicki ring?', a reference to the bucket of chicken on the rock beside them.

"Then he got his knee dustry and dropped down and asked me to marry him. I just started crying and couldn't believe it," she says.

Fitzgerald even commissioned friends to linger nearby and snap photos of the moment. "It just makes me laugh that the KFC in the photos" Haines says.

"It was absolutely perfect. The ring is so beautiful. We spent the day celebrating with friends and wine and we both couldn't stop calling each other fiancé!

"Of course I smashed the KFC straight after."

The post has so far garnered over 10,000 likes, with several other Kiwi Instagram influencers offering messages of support.