Lazy people are more likely to live for longer says study

we love 31/08/2018

If you love lounging around at home and often find yourself procrastinating at work, then you'll love the results of this latest study!

The Journal of Proceedings of the Royal Society has found that lazier species have a greater chance of long term survival and will generally live longer!

"Those that have lower energy maintenance requirements seem more likely to survive than those organisms with a higher metabolic rate." the study says.

"Maybe in the long term the best evolutionary strategy for animals is to be lassitudinous and sluggish - the lower the metabolic rate, the more likely the species you belong to will survive."

"Instead of 'survival of the fittest,' maybe a better metaphor for the history of life is 'survival of the laziest' or at least 'survival of the sluggish."

While this is good news for lazy people, the researchers say they'll need to do further research to understand fully why this is the case.

Source: Indy100