Kiwi man shows off his incredible body transformation after battle with cancer

omg 20/08/2018

A man once riddled with cancer has shared astonishing pictures of his transformation after winning his fight against the disease.

Gary-John Hill was told in September that he only had two weeks to live and if he didn't begin chemotherapy immediately, he would die.

"I felt pretty good, then all of a sudden started coughing and went backwards and forwards to a doctor. I just thought it was a cold," he told NZME. 

The 30-year-old was shocked to find out he had a 60cm tumour in his chest which was pushing up against his heart and sitting on top of his lungs.

The Kerikeri personal trainer also had tumours spread throughout his lungs, neck and kidney.

Photo credit: Gary-John Hill

The next day after hearing the news he began a seven-month treatment plan which left him unable to socialise because the slightest infection could claim his life.

"There were times where I just wanted to die because it was so hard. I didn't care anymore," he said.

Hill pushed through his gruelling courses of chemotherapy and was eventually released from hospital feeling weak and unmotivated.

After a rough patch where he was extremely cautious about germs, Hill slowly started to get back into training - making slow progress at first.

Photo credit: Gary-John Hill

"My abs and my legs hurt after walking 200 metres down the road, that's how much my muscles weren't used to being used. I struggled to sort of lift my arms up," he said.

With a fighting spirit and a renewed outlook on life Hill remained focused and would increase weights while establishing a new routine.

He was able to build up muscle, regain his confidence and is looking forward to the future with his wife as the pair plan to start a family.

On Monday Hill will travel to Las Vegas to compete in the WBFF Worlds.