Mum argues why you shouldn't call your children 'beautiful'

omg 23/08/2018

A mum has sparked a heated debate online after revealing she never tells her daughter that she's beautfiul for fear it may have harmful consequences to her mental wellbeing in the future. 

Speaking to This Morning in the UK, the mum explained she refused to compliment her daughter's looks because she doesn't want her thinking her looks as a'crowning achievement'.

But others argued that calling someone beautiful is very different to just complimenting someone's appearance.

"I have always told them [my children], at the right moment, 'you’re beautiful, you look really, really nice'. Beautiful is not the same as good looking. Beautiful is about you the person, about the character who you are. We’re too frightened to say positive things about looks these days." one person said.

"I tell my daughter she is beautiful EVERY SINGLE DAY. She is 4 years old and is a beautiful soul, inside and out. I also tell her she’s clever, brave and strong. Beautiful doesn’t equal vain or weak, inside and out all children are beautiful." added another.

Do you see anything wrong with telling a child they're beautiful?

Source: GoodToKnow