Mum creates cute dress for daughter from the shirt her Dad wore at her birth

we love 08/08/2018

This mum has been creating clothing for her daughter for a while now, but her latest creation is an adorable idea!

Using the exact shirt her husband wore at the birth of her daughter, Carli Grant created her daughter a dress using the recycled shirt.

Her husband was totally onboard with the idea. "Once he realized it was the shirt he was wearing the first time he held Amelia, he looked so pleased and loved the idea." 

Her daughter Amelia has clearly taken to the dress, apparently she loves it more than any other dress in her cupboard!

"Amelia loves anything I make her, but she has worn this dress more than any other dress in her closet." Carli said. "It melts my heart to see her in it."

We think that this is a great way to used recycled material in a way that has a sentimental meaning attached!

Carli has started up her own business overseas where people can pay to have sentimental clothes repurposed - but if you know someone in NZ who's handy with a sewing machine, this might be a great way to mark a special occassion!