School offers hilarious option for parents sick of fundraising

we love 06/09/2018

Anyone who has kids knows the absolute horror of school fundraisers - especially the dreaded bake sale which our little ones ALWAYS seem to forget about until the very last minute...

Well an American school has finally thrown exhausted parents a bone in the form of an 'opt-out' fundraiser, and we can't believe this has never been an option before!

Auburn High School in Alabama sent out letters to parents asking for donations, and it was quickly shared across the internet.

The 'opt out' fundraiser gives parents a number of options to donate and insentivises them to donate more under the promise they'll have less to do with the school. There's even a "forget my name and my face and not ask me for anything else all year except to complete this form," option for parents who give $50 or more.

Check out the form below...