Should siblings be invited to other kids birthday parties?

parenting 28/08/2018

A mum from Hawke's Bay is asking for some advice about a potential issue she's facing with an upcoming birthday party for one of her kids. 

"I’m having a kids birthday party in a few Sundays time and quite a few of the RSVPS have asked if siblings can come too. Is this a normal thing?" her message began.

"I wasn't intending on having to cater for extra people! Or am I being really mean denying the siblings of the invited children?"

People were quick to share their views, with opinion being quite split!

"If they were supposed to be invited they would have been! Kids need to realise that sometimes they don't get to go to things their siblings go to... Sorry kids!" one person wrote.

"Ok for young kids pre-schoolers. But I'd just say no sorry, you can drop 'invited child' off and don't need to stay though." added another

But others pointed out that sometimes arranging childcare for the other child can be an issue.

"Sometimes it's a logistical challenge to not bring the sibling of the invited child" pointed out one person.

How would you go about dealing with this tricky situation?