Study says this character trait is key to kids succeeding at school

parenting 27/08/2018

A recent study from the University of Michigan has found one surprising character trait that might be key to a child succeeding at school.

The study looked at over 6000 kids throughout their lives and found that those who displayed more signs of curiosity in their early years went on to have greater academic success.

"Curiosity may be an important, yet under-recognized contributor to academic achievement. Fostering curiosity may optimize academic achievement at kindergarten." the researchers said.

"Researchers factored in another important known contributor to academic achievement known as ‘effortful control,’ or the ability to stay focused in class. They found that even independent of those skills, children who were identified as curious fared well in math and reading." 

"These findings suggest that even if a child manifests low effortful control [or in-classroom focus], they can still have more optimal academic achievement, if they have high curiosity."

So next time a kid asks 'why?' about something, over and over again - just think that by answering you're actually helping their development in a significant way.

Source: AOL