This is the age most parents lose control of their kids according to study

omg 22/08/2018

A study from OnePoll has revealed the age that most parents feel they lose control of their kids.

"When our children are young, it’s easy to know exactly what they are doing, who they are with and what they are having to eat and drink." the study said.

"But as they get older and start to do things on their own, it can be harder to keep such a close eye on them, especially when it comes to their diet."

"As they travel to school by themselves or head out unaccompanied with friends, they have the opportunity to eat and drink foods they know they wouldn’t usually be allowed at home."

Out of the 2000 people surveyed, 60% of them said they felt they lost control of their children at the age 13

While this may be typical for most families, it is nice to know that you're not alone!

Source: Independent