This rescue shelter will pay you to care for 55 cats on the Greek islands

we love 13/08/2018

A small cat sanctuary is offering what could be the perfect job for cat lovers - looking after the felines in a free house.

Gods Little People Cat Rescue posted the job advertisement to Facebook on August 5 and says whoever takes the role would probably only have to work four hours a day.

Free room and board will be provided in the form of a modern tiny house with its own garden and a view directly into the Aegean Sea.

The sanctuary is located on the Greek island of Syros and the owner says the group is hoping to find somebody mature, with a good knowledge of cats.

"You'll no doubt thrive best if you are the type of person who appreciates nature and likes tranquillity - and rest comfortably in your own company," the ad says.

"That said, you'll never feel lonely in the company of the cats and you'll be expected to live with a small handful of cats in your house."

Applicants would need to know how to drive a manual vehicle, as one is provided with the role to take the cats to the vet. They would also need to know something about cat handling, as they will be expected at times to handle feral or non-socialised cats.

The role begins in November, although some volunteer work before the start date is required.

According to the ad the owner will be conducting interviews via Skype.