Too much exercise could worsen your mental health says study

omg 10/08/2018

It's long been believed that exercise is helpful in reducing stress and improving your mental health and according to this study that is still the case. 

But the study from the Lancet Psychiatry Journal also says that excessive exercise may actually worsen mental health.

"Previously, people have believed that the more exercise you do, the better your mental health, but our study suggests that this is not the case." the research says.

"Doing exercise more than 23 times a month, or exercising for longer than 90 minute sessions is associated with worse mental health,"

So going hard on exercise for hours on end may not be answer to improving your mental wellbeing.

"Our finding that team sports are associated with the lowest mental health burden may indicate that social activities promote resilience and reduce depression by reducing social withdrawal and isolation, giving social sports an edge over other kinds."

The study also showed that exercising between 30 and 60 minutes 3 - 5 times a week reduced stress and improved mental health the most.

Source: Independent