Barber's prank goes viral as he pretends to cut off child's ear

omg 10/08/2018

As part of an ongoing prank war, this barber pulled a frightening prank on 10-year-old Vito DiPalma by pretending to chop his ear off during a hair cut.

The barber, Jude Sannicandro, has been cutting Vito's hair since he was a baby, and said the prank was a follow up to the boy leaving a fake cockroach on his desk. 

During the video, Jude starts off with an electric clipper on Vito's head, then pretends he's accidentally slipped and cut Vito's ear, proceeding to cover it in paper towels and fake blood. 

The kid's mum is in on the joke and both laugh at the end when Vito is let in on the prank. It's pretty well done and gives a good chuckle - have a watch above and see what you think!