Woman earns $90,000 a year by being a 'professional hugger'

omg 27/08/2018

An Australian woman is making close to $90,000 a year cuddling total strangers on the Gold Coast.

Jessica O'Neill, a 35-year-old mother of three, says the cuddles cost around $90 per hour and help lonely people feel valued and loved, reports The Sun.

Ms O'Neill started the job six months ago after a decade working as a massage therapist and counsellor.

Customers can book a $90 an hour 'strictly cuddle' session, or pay $120 for a hugs and counselling session.

Ms O'Neill also offers a 'friendship style' coffee and cuddle session which costs $165 for an hour.

She said "I've always been a really affectionate person and have always cuddled people. It's just in my nature and is part of who I am.

"I've always had a really lovely response from the people I've hugged. Everyone loves a cuddle."

When asked what her husband thought of her job, she said that he's "very supportive and completely gets it. He loves what I do, and thinks it's really beautiful."

She says the majority of her customers are men over the age of 35, although there is a growing number of younger men and middle-aged female clients taking up her service.