Woman receives backlash after complaining about her $2500 engagement ring

omg 15/08/2018

A woman has taken to Mumsnet for advice after feeling deflated over her engagement ring.

She began her post by saying that her partner proposed and presented her with "a diamond solitaire in white gold."

"I was so happy and excited to accept but was disappointed when I first saw the ring. The first word that entered my head was 'small'." she continued.

"There's nothing to dislike about the type of ring per se, as a diamond solitaire would have been my choice, but it's the whole thing – the colour of the gold, the setting, the small stone and relatively chunky shoulders."

The mum admitted she had hoped for more considering how much her now fiance earns. 

"His salary is nearing a six-figure sum and he's usually very generous."

"Having seen the receipt I know he paid $2500 NZD for it – which is a lot less than I would have imagined he would have spent on such a significant piece of jewellery…"

"Ideally I would have loved for us to have chosen a ring together and made a special day finding one we both liked."

“As it's something I'll be wearing every day and is such a special piece of jewellery I wanted to really love it and I just don't."

"Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?"

But sadly for the wife, she seemed to be one of the only people in this situation. Most people who replied to her post did so to call her 'greedy'.

"Why is it about the size of the diamond? He's making a commitment to you. It doesn't have to be about money or 'flashiness'." one person wrote.

But while most people showed their disapproval, their were some who backed her up!

"There's no way on Earth I'd allow someone else to choose a piece of jewellery for me that I'd potentially be wearing for decades. I wouldn't even let my partner choose this year's winter coat." someone else wrote.

Do you think the woman has a fair enough argument or not?