People reveal the worst jibes they've received from their mother-in-laws

omg 14/08/2018

A recent Mumsnet thread has many frustrated people airing their grievances
about their mother-in-laws.

"My mother-in-law is a cow to me," one user wrote.

"She is also cunning enough to be able to veil her comments so they go over the head of my husband and father in law. Eg. when I put on weight recently and she kept saying 'you look healthy'. I knew it was a dig but I couldn't say anything. I said it to my husband after and he thought she was just being nice."

Once the first story was posted, other stories came rolling in...

"A favourite of my mother-in-law is 'well, it's hard to keep the house clean when you work'." someone else wrote.

Someone else wrote that "when we asked her for baby name suggestions, she started out with my husband's ex's name."

One woman shared how just 6 weeks after giving birth to twins, her mother-in-law came around to share some weight loss tips - A gesture she wasn't thankful for!

Another had a story from their wedding day! "On my wedding day to her son, she asked me if I could get the photographer to do a family photo, so I come back with said photographer and she dismisses me! So I'm standing there in my gown, while she takes a family wedding photo with the whole wedding party minus the bride!" 

Do you have any nightmare mother-in-law stories to add to the list?