8 kids who were super sneaky geniuses

funny stuff 04/09/2018

It's no secret that kids really do do the darnest things. But sometimes they can be sneaky little geniuses that we can't help but be impressed with their imagination and creativity.

We found 8 instances where kids have been sneaky little geniuses.

1. This kid who took his hiding place to the next level.

2. This kid who wasn't allowed fizzy in the house, so created a personalise label that definitely looks legit.

3. This kid who's teacher wrote a reply back to his mum in handwriting that look suspiciously like his...

4. This kid who takes her snacks on the go.

5. This kid who barricaded him a space by the computer so no one could stop him.

6. This passive aggressive kid who wanted to really annoy his parents.

7. This kid that started a jigsaw puzzle that he couldn't finish.

8. These kids who turned their spa pool into a bubble bath that never goes cold.