105 year old woman credits her long life to avoiding men

funny stuff 18/09/2018

A woman who recently celebrated her 105th birthday has shared the slightly unorthodox reasons she believes she's lived so long.

"I would put my good health down to hard work and avoiding men." the woman says.

"I loved celebrating my birthday although I was disappointed the Queen didn't come."

"I received my letter from her but I thought an appearance was the least she could do."

Her niece also spoke about her Aunties long life...

"My aunty living for over a century is no surprise to me as she's always been fiercely independent." she said

"She only moved into the care home last year and jokes her secret to long life is avoiding men - as they aren't worth the hassle."

While the strategy has definitely worked for this 105 year old, we're not sure it'd work for everyone else...

Source: Pretty52