12 Disney pictures that perfectly describe what it is like to be a parent

we love 05/09/2018

1. When you go to tell your kid off, but you're in a public place and don't want everyone to hear:

2. When you briefly lose your kid while out shopping and find them again

3. When you can finally see your feet after months of your pregnant belly being in the way

4. When the PTA asks you to volunteer with a project and you're desperately trying to find an excuse to get out of it but are stumped

5. When you're waiting to see if your kid will finally use the potty successfully

6. When they do use it successfully

7. When you've been up multiple times to the baby throughout the night and your partner gets up and says 'I had a brilliant sleep, the baby must have slept through the night'

8. When you get woken up at 2am by your kid to fetch them a glass of water

9. When a stranger randomly pipes up to give you parenting advice

10. When you finally get a minute alone and you hear someone yell "MUM!"

11. When you just finish cleaning up after your kid and they come through and make the exact same mess

12. When you're just sitting and staring at them thinking how much you love them