Boy's brutally honest homework answers leave internet in hysterics

funny stuff 14/09/2018

A mum has shared the hilarious responses her young son gave on a recent homework assignment.

The woman shared a photo of his answers on Reddit where it has since been shared thousands of times.

“Describe a time when you’ve felt angry...” the homework asked.

When I found this homework in my backpack,” he hilariously replied.

The follow up question asked what he did about it, to which he simply stated that he “Did it.

People were quick to express their love of the boy's sassy comments.

“Some of the best comedy can be found with school homework answers,” one person wrote.

A teacher even admitted that “these kids are always my favourites. Give me sass and attitude any day of the week!”

Hopefully we get some more cheeky answers out of this kid sometime in the future!