Dad receives backlash after pretending to breastfeed baby daughter

parenting 12/09/2018

A dad's video has gone viral on Twitter with over 4.5 million views. In the video the dad can be seen pretending to breastfeed his baby daughter while her mum was out.

The response has been mixed, with many people calling it odd.

"You want a baby to suck on your nipples for no reason! Weird." one person wrote online.

"Don't let her do that!" simply added another.

But others didn't see the big issue with it. "It’s not weird it’s sweet. It’s one of those common moments every dad goes through with their baby, it’s cute and funny."

Speaking to HuffPost UK an expert said that there's nothing wrong with men breastfeeding and even stated that it helps provide security for the child.

"This is not about producing milk, but strictly calming the baby with the father’s breast." they said

"They will be just as content sucking on their mother’s breast as sucking on a pacifier, someone’s finger or a bottle nipple as they would their father’s nipple."

Do you see anything wrong with this dad breastfeeding, or is it just a sweet moment captured on camera?