Ed Sheeran has reportedly written Westlife's comeback song

goss 25/09/2018

After finding out Westlife is planning to get back together (sadly without Briand McFadden), we've now got even more great news... Ed Sheeran is reportedly writing the boyband's comeback song!

A source close to the boyband let it slip and it sounds like it could be happening very soon.

"It took quite some time to pull together and has been done totally behind closed doors, but he has finally given them the right record to make it happen."

"Having Ed involved is a huge coup. They think he will give them a contemporary edge for their reunion."

"They have already recorded the song and are delighted with the results. They’re just pulling together the final promo details including a video before they unveil it. It’s going to be huge."

The boys broke up back in 2011 after selling over 50 million records worldwide, but if these rumours are true, the total is sure to grow a lot more!

Source: MummyPages