Girl from 'Baby Shark' viral sensation lives in New Zealand

goss 27/09/2018

"Baby Shark do do do do do do" is the viral sensation that has been stuck in our heads for weeks.

The song and video have been recreated around the globe as the catchy children's tune grew to over 1.7 billion views on Youtube.

One of the stars who are in the original video, is 9 year old Elaine who lives in Masterton.

Two years ago, while still living in Korea, Elaine starred in the song. She moved with her family to New Zealand last year and had no idea the video would be picked up in a viral storm, reaching all sorts of people around the globe.

For a long time no one in the Wairarapa knew that Elaine was a global star, but it was her dad who let the cat out of the bag. Elaine's friends were very excited when they discovered it was their friend behind their new favourite dance.

According to the Wairarapa Times-Age, Elaine was a good sport when he friends begged her to do the dance for her. Elaine told the publication that her St Patrick's School friends were her favourite part about living in Masterton (and her Nana she later added).

Her Nana was the former principal Elaine's primary school.