Jaffas are saved as licorice maker RJs signs deal with Cadbury

we love 03/09/2018

One of the most iconic Kiwi treats has been saved from the brink of extinction thanks to a deal secured between Cadbury and RJ's Licorice.

When the Cadbury factory closed it's doors for good back at the start of the year, it meant that Kiwis everywhere faced the heartbreaking loss of some of the most loved Kiwi sweets, including the Jaffa.

But thanks to Levin based sweet company, RJ's Licorice, we can all rejoice as they have announced that they have secured a deal with Cadbury's owners to keep the production of Jaffas going.

Stocks of Jaffas have been running low since the Dunedin factory closed in March but RJs said it would have new stock available from October 23.