M&M's soon to release Nutella flavour

we love 28/09/2018

Chocolate lovers, rejoice!

Australian news site Nine has revealed a new flavour of M&M's that is hoped to reach Aussie shores in the coming months. Mars revealed that it will releasing M&M chocolate bars as well as a hazelnut spread M&M. 

"Hazelnut spread M&M's are filled with a creamy, nutty feeling and coated in milk chocolate and candy coating" Nine reported. 

In a statement to People magazine, Mars' senior brand director said "The industry is changing and consumer tastes are evolving. We’re continuing to recognize and anticipate demand,"

We’re thrilled to deliver this new flavour with colour and fun, in a way that only M&M’s can

There is no news yet as to whether the new M&M's will reach our shores here in New Zealand, but we have our fingers crossed!