Mac & Cheese candy canes might be the perfect gift for cheese lovers

omg 01/10/2018

This Christmas might be about to get a lot more cheesy than your last.

Novelty company Archie McPhee have created savoury yellow-and-white striped candy canes, with a mac and cheese flavour, as well as some that taste like a clam stew.

The mac and cheese candy canes, which are selling for just over NZ$7.50 on the company's website, are said to be "comfort food-flavoured".

"Macaroni and cheese has become a holiday family tradition in many parts of the country, so why not let our holiday candy reflect that?" the Archie McPhee website asks.

It's fair to say that most people did not see the need for the new take on the Christmas classic.

Food reviewer Junkfoodmom says the candy smells and tastes like mac and cheese, but the sweetness eventually overpowers that flavour, so they end up "doable".

Other strange confectionary experiments from Archie McPhee include pickle mints, bacon candy canes and "Shakespearean Insult Gum" - whatever that is.

Jamie Ensor Newshub.