Mum left baffled after school claims her child's lunch was too unhealthy

omg 20/09/2018

A mum from the UK has been left confused after her child's school told her the lunch she gave her son was 'too unhealthy'.

"I sent my 2.5 yr old son to school with this and the cookies got sent home because they're unhealthy - there were 3 MINI cookies."

The rest of the food in the lunchbox consisted of fruit, veges, a sandwhich and some cheese and crackers.

Other parents were equally outraged by the school's move.

"Absolute rubbish that he wasn't allowed to get those small cookies. Everything in moderation, surely," one person wrote.

"That looks great and well balanced, my son's drink got sent home because it was fizzy, it was sparkling water," added another.

Some teachers responded to the woman's Facebook post with many of them sharing some of the worst lunches they've seen. According to them, seeing cold leftover McDonald's and energry drinks coming out of the backpack wasn't uncommon.

Do  you see anything wrong with this packed lunch?

Source: Newshub