Mum looking to pay someone to teach husband and children to do chores

parenting 28/09/2018

A mum at her wits end is looking to pay someone to teach her husband and her child how to do chores.

"I’ve been trying to get my husband to do his fair share of the housework for years now, and despite the fact I work as well, he always says he’s too tired when he gets home." she wrote on

"Obviously this is probably something loads of couples go through, but we’ve got two sons and I’m worried his bad attitude towards housework, particularly that it’s the job of women in the house, is rubbing off on them."

"We're looking for someone to pick the boys up from school at 3:15, and look after them until either my husband or me is home. However, I also want the carer to teach my boys, including my husband, how to do the chores around the house."

"We’d need someone to come and help out Monday to Friday... The pay would be around $30 an hour and obviously you’ll get statutory sick pay etc, and 28 days holiday, including public holidays."

If this sounds like something you might be interested in and you're willing to move to the UK, you can apply by sending the mum a message here.