Mum's hilarious tips for staying on budget at department stores goes viral

we love 26/09/2018

An Australian woman's tips for staying on budget at stores like KMart or Target has gone viral online. The woman's honest account of what really happens when you step through the doors of your favourite department store has resonated with thousands of people.

How to stay inside your budget at Target: 

  1. Make a list of exactly what you need. 
  2. Go to Target. 
  3. Rip up the list. 
  4. Go home because it’s just not gonna happen. You know it. I know it. The people of Target are laughing at us all behind their backs because they know it. 

The woman then goes on to give a detailed explanation as to why staying on budget is simply not possible...

"No matter how golden your intentions may be, you will find a cute pair of baby shoes and put them on your baby right there in the store, and your son will sneak a toy into the cart. You will walk past the clothes section and see a cute sweatshirt that just happens to be your favorite team’s colors."

Her list goes on as she dreams about all of the things you can buy in a store like KMart or Target.

"You just spent all your money at Target. So seriously, rip up the list. Go home. It’s safe there. Plus, you won’t run into anyone you know looking like a wet rat after walking around in the rain all afternoon."

You can check out her full post below...