NZ trolleys have been unofficially crowned the best trolley down under

omg 12/09/2018

New Zealand shopping trolleys have been unofficially crowned the best trolley 'down under' after a video recently surfaced on Facebook.

The video showed a family out on a grocery shopping trip and they filmed their reaction on how "a trolley should be". Lingy, the woman in the video, was ecstatic as she demonstrated the Kiwi trolley (comparing it to Australia's shopping trolley's), exclaiming "Oh my goodness" as she wheeled it towards the supermarket doors.

The video has gained hundreds of comments since it was posted yesterday, with many sharing Lingy's thoughts on how NZ's trolley's are better than Australia's.

"When I first went to Aus i was like, oh It's broken. Got another one, after the 3rd I realized y'all just have useless trolleys " one commenter explained.

"Soooo true! Hate the trolleys in aussie!' another said.

"Buuuuut the sideways Ozzy trollys are convenient for when theres a trolly jam in the isle and you can swing sideways instead of trying to reverse and turn jiggle the trolly out lol. Thats the bonus. But nah when your trollys full, you need 2 drivers. One at front and at the back." one defended.