People are mixing alcohol with their tea and cafes are getting in on the trend

omg 03/09/2018

While tea is known widely as one of the most calming drinks you can consume, it seems some people have decided to try and make the calming effects even more prominent by adding a dose or two of alcohol into the drink. They are literally taking G&T to a whole other level (G-And-Tea, anyone?)

Photo credit: Unsplash

And some cafes are even getting in on the new trend, releasing spirit-infused teas. The new teas were on debut at the recent Sydney Tea Festival and the names of the three kinds of alcoholic teas have us impressed. Chai Me I’m Boozy, Orange You Glad I’m Gin, and Life Of The Party are all available thanks to Canberra-based Tea Garden Co. and Canberra Distillery.

So a quiet cuppa with friends can now get taken to the next level all while sipping from a pretty teacup.