People left astonished after discovering OXO stock cube's hack

omg 11/09/2018

A picture of an OXO stock cube on Facebook has left people on the internet absolutely astonished after the image revealed a vital hack that so many of us never realised.

After years of getting stock under our nails as we tried to tear away the silver, foil wrapper from the stock cube, we finally have a much simpler solution.

Turns out the cubes actually double as a handy little sachet - a hack that will help us when cooking in so many ways!

This OXO stock cube hack has quickly gained traction on Facebook, with people absolutely gobsmacked they didn't know about this earlier.

"Going to try it soon as I home", "what the HECK!" and "mind blowing..." were all common reactions in the comment section of the post.

Definitely using this hack!