Police help man propose to his wife in slightly awkward wedding proposal

omg 10/09/2018

A wedding proposal has gone viral after a man enlisted the help of the local police to help him out.

A US woman was surprised to find herself being presented with an engagement ring rather than a fine after being pulled over by the police last week. 

“Kenneth walked into MBPD this evening and asked Officer O’Neal if we could help him propose to his girlfriend,” the police department wrote on Twitter. 

They happily accepted and on cue, pulled over the couple as they drove passed the cop car. 

Looking confused, the woman follows the policeman to the back of the vehicle, where her equally-confused looking (but acting) partner joined her. When the officer asked if there was anything either of them would like to say, the man promptly pulled out an engagement ring and got down on one knee.

The woman was left stunned, “Oh my god, you’re crazy …  I don’t even know what to say.”

The speechless seconds droned on, where the man patiently waited on one knee while his girlfriend made up her mind. The slightly awkward proposal was over when she finally said yes and placed the ring on her finger.