Popular kids toy taken off shelves after discovering that they contain cancer-causing chemicals

omg 04/09/2018

An investigation into popular children's toy Squishy's has revealed that the toys may contain cancer-causing chemicals. The discovery of the potential fatal chemicals has led to the toys being ripped off of shelves in Denmark, with other EU countries also being shared the data but yet to take action.

Squishy's are a foam toy, described on their NZ website as a "sensory delight for all ages over 5". They are very similar to stress balls, but come in an array of colours and shapes.

The cancer-causing substances (N-dimethylformamide, triethylenediamine and cyclohexanone) can lead to liver damage, breathing problems, infertility and eye irritation and are readily absorbed through the skin. The chemicals have also been linked to liver toxicity, as well as constipation and vomiting.

It's unclear as to if New Zealand will follow in Denmark's footsteps on banning the toys. Other EU countries who have received the research are yet to act on it, and the hesitations may be due to the fact that just 12 Squishy's were tested. However of the 12 tested, all received the red flag of the high toxicity levels.

These toys are available on multiple NZ online stores, as well as at the Warehouse and other toy stores.