Shower wine glass holders are now a thing so you can relax on the go

we love 21/09/2018

If you've ever been in the shower and thought... 'How great would a glass of wine be?' - then this might be the perfect thing for you!

SIPSKI have created a wine glass holder for the shower so you can drink on the go.

"Kick back and relax at the end of a long day by taking your wine in the shower with this SIPSKI wine glass holder." the company writes on their website.

"Silicone backing adheres to your shower or bath wall and holds your wine steady when you’re done taking a sip. Easily removes without leaving residue behind. Not recommended for use with glass containers. Food safe, dishwasher safe; not suitable for use in the microwave or oven."

The holders are selling online for around $25 and you'll have to wait a bit for them to arrive as they will be shipped from overseas.

So if you've ever been in a rush on your way out one night, or just need a new way to unwind - then you could always give this a try!