Teachers write heartbreaking note to parents on child's first day at school

we love 11/09/2018

It's always an emotional time for parents when their kids start school for the first time. But 2 teachers from the UK have tried to ease the pain for parents by giving them a sweet note and a few gifts.

When the parents dropped their kids off they were given an envelope with a poem on the front and a tissue, a tea bag and chocolate inside.

The poem read...

"The day is finally here and now you are alone,

Sit down to have a brew and think of how they've grown!

The tissue is for to have a little cry,

And now they are at school, remember times gone by.

As you eat your treat your worries can be gone,

We already love your precious little one!"

The gifts were appreciated by the parents, one of the recipients confessed that "most of the mums are now in tears."

What a great way for the new teachers to connect with the parents of their new students.

Source: Mirror