Woman leaves husband after discovering the 'cruel' nickname he calls her

omg 18/09/2018

A woman has decided to leave her husband after discovering his secret nickname he called her behind her back.

"The real problem was, the one thing I really wanted from him, he wouldn’t give me. He absolutely hated telling me what his plans were." the woman wrote on Mama Mia.

"Would he be home in time for dinner? Could I book a haircut on a Saturday morning? Was he having drinks with his mates straight from work?"

"Who knew – because he certainly refused to tell me. He claimed he didn’t have to."

Getting increasingly frustrated, the woman checked her husband's phone to see if he was hiding something. But she wasn't impressed by what she found!

A txt to his friends on his phone read "don’t think I can make it tonight. SWMBO will say no."

She wasn't sure what exactly SWMBO meant, so did some research. She soon found out it stands for 'She Who Must Be Obeyed'.

"I was mortified." the woman said. "I knew in that moment, there was no coming back from that."

"I was never, ever, going to kiss, let alone sleep with, a man who called me that after 10 years together – even after becoming the mother of his son."

She went on to add that she has since left her husband, an act that others have described as a bit 'over the top.'

How would you deal with this situation?