Woman's honest post about being a 'stay at home mum' not a cleaner goes viral

parenting 10/09/2018

A post from a stay at home mum has gone viral online with thousands of shares. In the post, the woman vents about the difference between being a stay at home mum and not a 'stay at home cleaner'.

"When my husband and I decided I should be a stay-at-home mom, we agreed that that's what I would be, a MUM," she began. "I am not a stay-at-home housekeeper."

"I feel like so many men just expect the house to be spotless just because their wives stay at home. My heart truly breaks when I hear so many women say they are scolded by their husbands for not having the house in tip top shape when they get home or that their husbands don't help with bedtime routine," she said.

"We as mothers do not give up careers, adult interaction, a pay check, and sanity to ensure that the house shines like the top of the Chrysler building when our husbands walk through the door."

"My husband and I tag team when he gets home from work. He does not walk in the door and scold me for the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, he just cleans them. We fold the laundry together after WE put our kids to bed, and use that as time to talk about the day or whatever is on our minds," she wrote.

"Going to work and paying the bills does not exclude you from parenting and household duties. This house is OURS not just mine. These children are OURS not just mine."

You can read her pull post below...