Woman's rant at breastfeeding mum goes viral after taking hilarious twist

funny stuff 04/09/2018

A woman's rant at a breastfeeding mother has gone viral online. Make sure you read her message the whole way through, because it takes a bit of a surprising twist!

She starts her rant by calling the woman's actions 'nasty', "It is a public place devoted to food consumption." she wrote.

"I mean people are eating! I don't know what you think, but it makes me sick," she continues.

"In your house it’s ok if you want, still gross, but not in a restaurant. It is a public place devoted to food consumption."

"I know that many will come out to defend it, but they won’t ever change my mind. It’s just how I feel."

She then labels the mum 'inconsiderate and unsanitary' before revealing what she was actually ranting about.

"Don’t be putting your dirty flip flops on top of the table," she said.

"Why are you putting them on the table? Think of all the s*** that could be on them!"

She then revealed that she was really talking about the jandals sitting on the table the entire time!

Photo credit: Facebook | Lesley Day

"So glad I read the whole thing before getting all hurt," one person commented.

You can read the woman's post in full below...

Photo credit: Facebook | Lesley Day

Source: Yahoo7